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police are searching for the man who sexually assaulted a woman and lincoln park >>a good afternoon i am steve sanders. >>and dine dina bair. we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn's america and on the web ... >>julian crews has a live report from lincoln park >>the culprit gained access somehow to the victim's apartment >>this is definitely a shock >>the neighborhood is changing
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could be due to economic hardships ... >>this happened on the 2600 block of north wilton avenue blocks from depaul university campus the intruder was wearing a ski mask he sexually assaulted his female victim at gunpoint before fleeing the scene the suspect also robbed his victim. he a black gym shoes and dark jeans and a ski mask ... it's pretty shocking to 30 in the afternoon you think there were people on the street or someone or heard something >>it's very surprising it's not something you think what happened here in broad daylight but it can happen that's proof ... >>crime happens everywhere in the city but residents here and a heightened state of alert given the brazenness of this attack ... >>cook county sheriff's
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correctional officer is now charged with raping a girl. prosecutors said that robert buchanan retainraped a 10 year-old in her home in south suburban harvey in 1997 the victim's rape kit sap for 10 years and was not tested for dna until 10 years later prosecutors said that buchanan's dna matches the sample in that rape kit police are working with the fbi to investigate a bank robbery in highland park it's the second bank robbery in a month on the same block it happened shortly after 8:00 p.m. at the pnc bank at 579 central avenue nobody was injured but three elementary schools and high school were placed on locked down as a precaution all authorities said that the man may have been
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wearing a wig when he handed the teller a note and implied that he had a weapon he also left behind some sort of device which officials are examining the suspect is described as an african-american man in his mid- 20s earlier this month a chase bank was robbed around the same time of day on the same block authorities are not sure if the crimes are related >>they passed a budget that requires most of cook county's 23,000 employees to take 10 days off without pay ... but another round of county commissioners say that they had no intention of following that ... nancy loo has a live report from the south side ... some commissioners predict that the board member will back down but she made clear to wgn today
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that it would not happen and expressed disappointment at the five commissioners not going along with us ... 12 out of 17 are taking their furlough days and i applaud them it's the responsibility of people that have accepted this leadership position we want them to be an example to our county employees ... toni preckwinkle would not discuss whether or not she would speak to take action against those renegade commissioners but she has expressed repeatedly that she is disappointed because the county is in serious financial crisis ... >>mayor rahm emanuel named a new ceo to run the chicago housing authority charles woodyard recently was in charge of the charlotte housing authority in north carolina he was chosen after a national search the c h
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a has been criticized for its plan to replace high-rises with mixed income housing while incorporating work requirements to help break a culture of poverty the former chief lewis jordan stepped down in june amid questions about his use of a city credit card. the university of chicago medical center is receiving a $42 million gift to help improve doctor/patient communications ... randi belisomo has a live report >>$42 million gift has been granted in hopes of enhancing the doctor patient relationships ... carolyn bucksbaum was here with her husband they are shopping center developers who have provided this gift ... they say that an
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arrogant position is a physician was once a deterrent to care they received years ago and they were determined to change the educational system for medical students ... research and new approaches to approving this relationship will be part of the curriculum they hope it will change a trend for students who enter medical school with altruistic intentions but later lose their fervor for developing good patient care skills that are not based just in science the way you learn medicine is
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the way we hope to teach the next generation by seeing not just by talking we want people to demonstrate and show what could cares about ... about one- third of the doctors educated here go on to careers and other academic pursuits in madison around the world and the country the bucksbaum family hopes that this will be something they take with them ... >>convicted police officer killer troy davis is put to death in georgia despite pleas from around the world >>and a day after his country released to american hikers are running in president mahmoud ahmadinejad is set to part of
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u.s. supreme court denied his request for a stay of execution. davis was put to death by lethal injection for the killing a police officer mark macphail in georgia, and 1989. teataster national attention after seven of nine witnesses in the case recanted their testimony. the execution was delayed for more than four hours last night as the supreme court considered his last-minute request. he maintained his innocence until his death ... and have some last worlds for the macphail family he said that he did not take their son father and brother ... >>it sounds awful and sorry but it is a relief that this is over for me i need to digest all the things that have happened today which was very very hard ...
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>>davis also asked the macphail family to dig deeper into the case to find the truth. he then told the prison staff ... may god have mercy on your souls. and in texas last night lawrence russell ober was put to death for what some prosecutors have called the most vicious hate crime in u.s. history in 1998 he and two others kidnapped james byrd jr. changed into a pickup truck and tractor for more than 3 mi. before he was killed. the group then dumped his body through our was executed by lethal injection he is the 11th person to be put to death in texas this year. to american hikers to spend more than two years in and are running in prison are free today josh fattal and shane bauer were flown to nearby beaumont with the reunited with family and friends among the crowd was the hours of fiancee sarah shourd
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she was released from prison last year on medical grounds the two were convicted of being spies and sentenced to eight years in prison they said that there are hiking and they and unknowingly crossed into iran. less than 24 hours after the men were released iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad is due to speak at the united nations general assembly in new york. many analysts say that the move may have been intended to gain international approval ahead of today's speech iranian media said that mahmoud ahmadinejad is expected to focus on the themes of global management and fundamental reform of the united nations. during past addresses to the united nations mahmoud ahmadinejad stirred up controversy denying the holocaust and expressing doubt about the official version of the september 11th at terrorist attacks. >>the death toll climbs to 10 in the aftermath of a powerful
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typhoon that hit japan for people also are missing since the storm moved through the island nation yesterday thousands of homes and businesses were flooded and mudslides destroyed several buildings in areas that are still recovering from the devastating tsunami back in march thousands of people were stranded in tokyo or after many trains were cancelled officials at the fukushima daiichi nuclear plant said that there were no major damage is there from the storm >>pope benedict is back in his native home of germany. he arrived in berlin this morning for a four day visit. the trip will include a meeting with german chancellor angela merkel and made public mass today at berlin's olympic stadium he also plans to address why people up leaving the church and the pope is expected to meet with some victims abused by priests there just call it tierra trainintierra training the duchess of cambridge is
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headed to princess boot camp representatives for the royal family to confirm that catherine middleton will receive some formal royal training becoming familiarized with some of the institutions related to row life and the national spotlight and the
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... here's a look at today's business headlines it's another gut-wrenching sell-off in stocks let's take a look at where the markets are trading ... the dow is moving more than 400 points the global banking system according to one financial manager is on the brink ... moody's cut the credit rating
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for citigroup yesterday ... >>there will be no government bailouts this time around ... >>according to moody's >>there is a big sell-off in gold the number of people filing for unemployment benefits dropped last week but that number is still high for comfort it will take a lot to get that unemployment rate down below 9% ... >>talks with chrysler and gm had
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a snack this week ... hit a snag.. if you are still getting used to all of the changes on facebook you can expect some more facebook is expected to unveil a free music service and wants to test it on facebook users more about the services expected to be unveiled later today at f-8 facebook annual developer conference according to reports music will be a major focus as they are partnering with services like spotify and rhapsody ... the republican candidates will face off in another debate
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tonight down in florida they head into the debate as a new poll shows gov. rick perry is leading the pack the poll says that 31 percent of republicans prefer the governor weld 22% like mitt romney gov. perry is expected to be busy tonight defending his claims that social security is a ponzi scheme especially when he is debating in the state with a large senior population its satellite is expected to crash back to earth tomorrow and there's no way to know where it will come down. the upper air research satellite was launched in 1991 and the commission to six years ago most of the 6 t spacecraft is expected to burn up when it reenters the atmosphere but about two dozen pieces ranging from 10 lbs. too few hundred are likely to make it through to earth nasa said that there's one in 3200 chance of a person being hit by any debris
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but most of the time you only find out about these restaurants by word of mouth ... a new show that airs right here on wgn is exposing those hidden restaurant jams ... in chicago and across the united states here to tell us more is "america's best bites" co-host and host of chicago is best on wgn ted brunson.
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no drinking on the job ted! finding these little treasures is what the show is all about ... these are genuine real chicago places ... i have sandwiches here from the great place in humbled parthumboldt park these guys have one of the best combos spiro is the chef not many people know about this food ... the food varies it's all over the map each region has their
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own pride in what they think they do best if you go to new york they believe they have the best pizza but chicago rivals them ... there are similarities but it doesn't go farther ... i have never had a burger made of duck and pork but that is what we called the dork burger ... some of the best ribs i have ever had were in milwaukee! >>you allows viewers to give you ideas you can interact with the show ... we are all about social media chicago's best capitalized on mattit.. that's
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what we are doing with "america's best bites" and i invite some of these folks to join us on the show ... we go to cities where tribune owned stations are ... this will air from ktla in an l.a. to wpix t v in new york ... if this is a small little place we will learn all about it sometimes the irregulars get mad if there is some gridlock or backlash for
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having exposed a great place but the owners are always grateful. this shows sounds great! good luck to you ted and thank you for these great sandwiches ... >>and the timing is perfect did debuts at 530 central time this coming saturday so it's perfect people can run out and get the food and then it really tears at sunday at noon tom skilling is here with the full forecast coming up
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this is really a very peculiar system ... we have kept temperatures at october levels for five consecutive days running ... but later next week we can expect some warm air. we have backwash clouds right now preventing the sun from shining and warming the air mass above us ... that cold air from canada that we had been having is now
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separating from the jet stream. warm air will trap and rotate moisture back into the cool air we are experiencing ... this will run from tomorrow until tuesday we are in for the long haul this weekend we will get some rain. we are headed for some real bottom like weather with cool temperatures in the low sixties in the next couple of days there will be a buildup of clouds leading to more extensive rain
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over the weekend. tomorrow at 4 05 a.m.. we will have our autumnal equinoxes the moment at which the new season of autumn begins. here we see cool air ... there is a loaf of warm aibe of warm air that is warming up canada to a degree temperatures and the cool air mass is trapped here above us we are stuck in the system for quite a few days ... here's a
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look at chicago area temperatures: the water temperature is 67 degrees on lake michigan the mold count is high today not as extreme as yesterday but still up there that's bad news for the allergy sufferers. we have 40 degree temperatures in the suburbs no more 60 degree weather. 59 degrees at both o'hare and midway airports ...
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here is how the pattern lays out with this powerhouse jet stream running across canada ... we have another front sitting there and spinning over us the war mayor goes over the top of it getting canada 80 degree temperatures and here we are in the sixties ... the warm air will eventually spin here and kick this thing out by mid week next week and we will be back in those warmer temperatures ... we have spotty skies through
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tomorrow morning. we go through saturday with rain in the area and sunday as well. there will be some holes in it and breaks in these clouds from time to time ... but the moisture is pretty impressive coming out of these cloud patterns. in counties that are adjacent to lake michigan could be in for an inch or more of rain. temperatures in the 60s today the 40's for tonight thirties'
12:35 pm
inland and 64 degrees tamaratomorrow. we are feeling like october. big changes to warmus up next week us up next week.. tonight mostly cloudy and cool 49 degrees with some sprinkles today the high will be about 64 degrees ... later tomorrow night we will have heavy showers the higher tomorrow will just be 62 degrees. cloudy with showers on saturday ... pretty solid rain.
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it's time now for today's trivia: which byrd has a complex language and is believed to be able to
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it... to investigate it... ...prosecute it... and stop criminals. our senior medicare patrol volunteers... are teaching seniors across the country... stop, spot, and report fraud. you can help. guard your medicare card. don't give out your card number over the phone. call to report any suspected fraud. we're cracking down on medicare fraud. let's make medicare stronger for all of us. aggressive defense from the packers this weekend and is right tackle will not be there ... gabe carimi has a knee injury that's worse than expected and he will not play until the end of the month next month receiver earl bennett is also out with a deep chest bruise. jay cutler is not injured but he is still recovering from the beating that
12:39 pm
he took as a result of the bears and balanced offense last week >>if you are looking for blame just blame me ... the cubs are playing their final game at wrigley field this season. the brewers were up in the third inning when starlin castro had a second head of the game that tied the score he is just one hit away from 200. the cubs were up in the sixth inning and marlon byrd had a three run home run for his ninth of the year matt garza pitched a one run six hit complete game as the cubs won 7-1 they are off today. paul konerko had the night off after getting hit by a pitch the white sox and indians and tied at two runs in the seventh inning allejandro de aza drove and two runs though he got
12:40 pm
tagged out to end the inning the next inning alexi ramirez alex rios and brent morel all hit home runs and four run innings the white sox 18-3 and mark buehrle snapped a three game losing streak the white sox and the indians finished their series tonight ... from wgn tv chicago we have the official drawing of the illinois lottery ... here are the winning pick three numbers: 7 4 4 \here are the winning pick four
12:41 pm
numbers: 9 0 6 9 the mega-millions jackpot is a friday night ...
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rental both houses will be built
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on the river. that is causing water taxi captains and other big vessel captains on the river to be worried the kayakers and it canoer iscanoers can be seen regularly on the river jockeying for position as larger boats passed by a larger commercial vessels captains said that the lack of driver education for these kayak operators puts them in danger many of them get caught up looking at the skyline and disregarding the signals from the passing boats and ships and a paddle to close to the choppy wake left by these large vessels water taxi captain wayne heinrich said that more needs to
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be done to educate the kayakers in medical watch obesity vs hunter ... the latest numbers worldwide: the international federation of the red cross says that obese people now outnumber the hungry. there are one and a half billion obese people in this world last year while 925 million people or undernourished. the red cross says that the problem of hunger existed not because there was a lack of food globally but because of poor distribution waste and rising prices that make food and affordable. sitting in traffic could make you more likely to have a heart attack. and new study shows that reading and all of those exhaust fumes can increase your risk for up to six hours after exposure researchers believe that the fumes that in the blood to make it more likely to clot if you have been diagnosed with heart
12:46 pm
disease doctors say that avoid spending long periods of time outside in areas where there are likely to be high traffic pollution levels health-care costs are expected to rise again and new survey from mercer said benefits are expected to increase nearly 5 1/2% in the next year is the smallest recorded increase in 15 years but it remains well
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domenica catelli is her ability to get children to eat vegetables without hiding them ... how do we incorporate a more healthful diet for our children from beginning to end of day? >>for me in the morning i am no reason to rush always rushing you need to look for a organic whole grain cereal what you want to look for is something with very simple ingredients ... maybe for ingredients will be enough you can add your fruit or
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protein to the breakfast ... keep organic barry is in your freezer you can add them to vote mail or serial for a treat this is high protein tomatoes soup for lunch the protein comes from tofu you cannot tasted it thickens the soupe it it serves as a thickener for the soup and it's a
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complex language and is believed to be able to count? the answer surprisingly is the crow ...
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it is kind of gray out there this afternoon. the cool air is pulling south and the warm air is running up and over that air mass the clouds will be increasing with a big gulp of moisture keeping the weekend gray and damp. we have sprinkles for today and for tomorrow. saturday you can see some pretty healthy accumulations of rainfall. the rain will accumulate particularly in counties that are adjacent to lake michigan.
12:57 pm
they may get an inch or an inch and half of rain we will update that later this evening ... reminder that the hurricane season in the atlantic and caribbean is still happening ... ophelia is going out to sea. around here in chicago it feels more like mid october ... 62 degrees tomorrow 63 degrees saturday the official beginning of autumn occurs tomorrow morning at 4:00 a.m.. 4 05 a.m. to be exact ... for the next
12:58 pm
five days we will be cool and cloudy in the '60s but it will warm up in the middle of next week ... thank you for joining us today. we hope you have a great afternoon. we're going to leave you with some music from jazz musicians mark declive-lowe and sy smith. you will find them tonight here in chicago at the shrine ... [music: mark declive-lowe with
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sy smith ... at the shrine toni te......
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